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어서오세요! Welcome!

Hi! My name is Laura (you can also call me 혜원 Heywon) and welcome to my blog.


I am a Korean-American born and raised in Pennsylvania. I had the pleasure of being educated in the United States and graduated from Pennsylvania State University majoring in Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Management. Shortly after graduating, I was hired by a management company and was the controller and HR manager of a small arts hotel in the city I was born in, Lancaster!


I personally didn't enjoy my desk job where I spent 10 hours a day sitting in front of a computer so I quit my job and moved to Seoul, South Korea. It was in Korea that I fell in love with teaching. I was fortunate to have my father living in Seoul, who helped me tremendously in getting accommodated during my 3.5 years there.

Just shortly after coming back to the States, I got married to a German American and we now have 3 German Korean kids running around the house. We are a homeschooling family so life is quite busy in our home.


I am currently a Korean School teacher with 4 years of experience and have gone through training each summer since I became a Korean language instructor. My most recent training was in Seoul with the Office of Overseas Koreans (January 2024).

Being a Korean American has been fun but also very stressful. My mother did her best to try and raise my brother and me as "American" as possible so that we could "fit in". Unfortunately, you can't take the Korean out of the Korean. Not really quite feeling American (merely because I look different) but not quite being Korean can be a challenging thing. I grew up avoiding my Korean culture because of the remarks I used to get from my peers and wanting to simply fit in. A story that is very common to hear from other Korean-Americans (and even from other Asian backgrounds).


As I am caring and teaching for my own children, I realized how much I wanted the Korean culture and language to stick around in our family. So, I have been on this up-and-down journey of learning and re-learning the Korean language, culture, and history.

It dawned on me that with Korea, in general, becoming more and more globalized, I should be an advocate for this amazing heritage that I have inherited. I hope that you plan to stick around as I navigate my way in trying to make this blog useful but entertaining for you. 

I am truly happy to have you here and thank you for your interest in My Korean Scribbles.




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